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Tillie is a student of both Western (ie. Native American) and Eastern philosophies and healing principles. The Sage Stone Centre reflects this in its décor and its serene, restful atmosphere.


Tillie strives to create a safe, peaceful, confident environment in her sessions with clients. You are a unique individual and a session with Tillie will recognize what needs and goals you bring to the experience. Tillie will base her treatment recommendations on what you want to achieve in your time spent together.


You may simply want to be pampered with a hot rock massage to relieve job-related tension, or you may be recovering from an injury or accident and want relief from ongoing pain. You may want to work on personal evolution in terms of spiritual and emotional growth and healing. You may feel some aspect of your life just isn't working, be it in work-related or personal relationships. You may feel you have strayed from your life's purpose or path (or maybe feel you have never really known what it was like to be on purpose and on that path). Tillie has the tools to assist you in achieving all of those goals.



"I have chosen approaches that one can experience and benefit from throughout all levels of wellness. Whether my clients want to focus on specific issues, on self-awareness or on overall health and well-being, I can assist them in creating balance, harmony and integrated wellness in their lives."TD

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Another area in which Tillie works extensively with clients is stress management. This work can range from a physical massage to relieve muscle tension, to addressing underlying reasons or tendencies to react in a detrimental or negative way to the inevitable stressful situations in our lives.


"Our effectiveness in this busy world of ever-changing stresses is enhanced by a better understanding of our selves and who we are as individuals. This understanding of our selves reveals our unique inner strengths and assists us in connecting to our own unique, innate wisdom and natural well-being and gives us tools to not only cope, but to thrive in whatever situations we are confronted with."TD

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