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ImageGeotranTM evolved from the field of physics and addresses the body through the concept of energy fields.


Science has proven that we are all connected and transfer information within the energy matrix or grid that surrounds all living things.


This simple and pain-free technique uses sacred geometry and numbers to access information fields that retain imprints of past experiences and also inform the physical and emotional body how to be and how to react to specific situations.


This technique can be used to clear trauma, release emotions and realign your "self" to the true direction you desire for your life.

Trauma can be cleared, whether from a current or past traumatic situation or from simple misinformation or false assumptions while growing up.


You can remember what happened in a situation if you need to, but your experience of that memory and situation will change from an emotionally charged response to one of peace and detachment.


Aspects of self can then be reclaimed and used to renew your experience of self and others.


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