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BodyTalk & Homeopathy PDF Print E-mail
BodyTalk & Homeopathy

by Dr. John Veltheim



We have been testing allergens and toxins and treating them for a long time. There are now some interesting new developments. For those who have access to the range of homeopathic remedies, you should try testing the remedies to the patient. If the patient tests weak to them, tap the remedy out to the cortexes (finger on pineal) as though the remedy was a toxin.

In theory, the homeopathic remedy is a toxin to the system designed to elicit a response from the patient. We have found that the body will respond as though the patient has been given the remedy. This will mean that you can practice without having to give out the remedies and will need to keep only one ampoule of each remedy in stock.

Case History: Peter was tested with the cancer miasma and proved positive. He had a family history of cancer and had several bouts of cancer treated successfully – especially skin cancer. It appears that the genetic homeopathic remedy confirmed the presence of a hereditary cancer gene.

Peter was treated to the cortexes. During the treatment he had a significant reaction. He broke out into a sweat, felt dizzy, and his temperature rose suddenly.

Over the next few weeks, Peter noticed that several of his moles that had been progressively darkening had reversed and turned back to a healthy light brown. He felt much better generally. Has the gene been neutralized? Subsequent tests to the same remedy have proved clear. Peter did not take the homeopathic remedy, he just had the BodyTalk cortex treatment to it.

We have also found that this treatment seems to work with some of the herbs, especially Chinese herbs that are known to work because of their toxic nature eliciting a response from the patient.

With nutritional herbs and vitamins, the treatment does not seem to work except that, when the cortexes test positive and are treated, the effects from taking the herb or vitamin are dramatically improved. It would appear that the cortex treatment actively increases the absorption rate of the nutritional factor! Note that this also occurs with the hydration therapy mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter.


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