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Integrated Therapeutic Approach


ImageTillie has carefully selected areas of training to enable her practice to evolve into "Integrated Therapy." This approach enables her to incorporate techniques into her treatments that will enhance the bodywork, if she and her clients feel these techniques would be beneficial and appropriate.

Integrated Therapy is simply an integrated, holistic approach to recovery and renewal from physical and emotional stresses. It encourages the client to take an active role in their treatment and allows all levels of an individual (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to be addressed and incorporated into this process.


Tillie has seen that the more aspects of yourself that you can bring to any session, the more you will get out of it and the more you will learn. This applies to other areas of your life as well, and you will leave an integrated session with take-away techniques to apply in these areas. With these techniques, you will be better equipped to make choices that reinforce progress made in the treatment and in your ongoing recovery. As well, if you have time and budget concerns, integrated therapy may offer a more complete and quicker resolution of your concerns.


For example, there may be underlying factors influencing your physical situation that could be addressed in a session combining Bodywork, BodyTalk, Geotran or Raindrop Therapy.


These or other combination of treatments can offer a deeper release that may lift the condition more quickly and rapidly speed up your recovery process.


There are many benefits to be derived from working with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Some of the more obvious benefits of the therapies Tillie uses include reduction of stress, relief of pain, prevention of injury and illness, improved posture and better balance and coordination.


Her use of Geotran, Raindrop Therapy, BodyTalk, LaStone Therapy, Hot Rock Massage and Metamorphic Technique also have numerous possible benefits, which may vary with the individual and may arise directly or indirectly as a result of these techniques. Some include:


•    Greater sensory awareness
•    More sensitivity, flexibility, friendlier relations and increased connection with self and others
•    Better definition of personal boundaries
•    Access to memories and body wisdom
•    Emotional healing: shifting from victim role to position of self-autonomy, authority and power Feeling more grounded and centered
•    Creating more balance between head and heart
•    Expanded capacity for work and creativity; actualization of potential
•    Replacement of old negative habits with position patterns; cessation of destructive behavior and lifestyle
•    Self-acceptance: new self-image, new sense of physical, emotional and spiritual self