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About Sagestone Wellness Centre PDF Print E-mail

Discover a New You and Wellness Renewal

Sage Stone Wellness Centre follows holistic practices with a vast collecion of new theories and ancient
practices that include spiritual direction. At Sage Stone we emphasize self care and personal responsibility
for your wellness.

To make changes we must have all aspects of one's self moving toward the same goal. This requires daily
attention to our body. With your personalized Wellness Renewal program you will develop a new awareness of
your body that can help you feel more connected and whole. Sage Stone Wellness Centre strives for a new
standard of wellness. No matter what stage of health you are currently at, Sage Stone Wellness Centre will
assist you in improving all areas of your life. Your wellness review will focus on a holistic view of your lifestyle.
From this, a customized treatment regime will be designed to assist you in achieving your personal wellness goals.

Getting Well

"The basic step we all go through to regain well - being, whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.
"Recovery: process of becoming stable when issue no longer adversely affects your mind and body.
"Renewal: when your body and mind start to repair and you are no longer sick."

Staying Well

"The steps we need to take if we want true health Rejuvenation: When you discover the underlying cause of
your condition through a mental or spiritual process so that both your life and your state of mind are total transformed.

"Rejuvenation is an attitude of mind, a statement of consciousness and a physical process. It's
your physical body transforming itself into a higher physical state. This is joyful and powerful. And it lasts
forever. Even though your body will die at some point, the experience of rejuvenation will live on in your soul and the souls of others.

"Rejuvenation renews your sense, body, mind, brain, intellect, and emotions. As you
experience heightened vitality, mental clarity and spiritual integration, you empower your soul and gain self- knowledge.

"Wellness is a commitment to self to live a healthy life with congruent self-expression of
the divine within. "Wellness strives for a new standard!" Christopher Hansard, from "The Tibetian Art of Living"

"We are all happiest when we are demonstrating in physical reality what we know to be true about ourselves,
when we are giving form to our life's intention in a way that contributes to others.
Maria Nemeth PHD