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Tillie Dyck, , ParCBP  is the Creator and Director of SageStone Wellness Centre. She is a registered massage therapist and certified PaRama Bodytalk Practioner (ParCBP)and a full member of The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC).

She began her therapeutic massage practice in 1995 graduating from the Wellington Remedial Massage College and since then has continued to enhance her massage session practice by training and  study of LaStone Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Geotran, Bodytalk and Metamorphic Technique. She is one of the first Wholistic Health practitioners to bring these therapy options to Saskatoon.

Tillie considers herself a lifelong student and seeker as well as a practitioner. Her vision of integrated radiant health for mind, body and soul is the foundation of her work and the basis of her goals of empowerment and wellness for all of her clients.

"It is my desire to empower individuals to heal themselves, through nurturing guidance and ancient principles involving the power of human touch. One of my goals in establishing the Sage Stone Centre was to give my clients the opportunity to explore and experience some of the complementary and medicinal alternatives that can lead them to health and wellness in body, mind and spirit." TD

Tillie also conducts seminars and works with groups to improve group and team dynamics. In her seminars, she explores the various paths that we take in our particular journeys and how to integrate what we desire from this life and with what we have already achieved.

"I bring together various methods to help bridge the gap between the state of our lives now and the life we desire in our hearts. I help people come to an awareness of the choices they have and give them some tools to assist them in moving from chaos to harmony and disarray to discipline."TD